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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by J-S, Sep 29, 2002.

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    Hi I'm just trialing CSI end of day data with Tradestation 2000i & I'm a little stuck!

    Do I still need to use Global Server to collect the data, or is it just between Tradestation and CSI?
    I wonder whether it is possible to download a complete portfolio from CSI into Tradestation?

    I'm interested to hear of anyones experiences with CSI. I was recently told that their data doesn't come direct from the exchanges - I wonder whether this is the case, and if so, where does it come from?

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    I use CSI with TS-4 (suspect the functionality is similar with 2000i) by:

    -in CSI, "adding" a new portfolio in "portfolio manager" on the startup page, using a name I will easily recognize.

    -in CSI "adding" files on the startup page and designating "CSI" as the "File Format" on the pop-up screen (right hand side).

    -In TS, when adding price data, click the "new dir(ectory)" button, clicking on the CSI data type, and then "scan". TS will show the new diretories that include files with the CSI extension which then allows you to plot the data in a workspace.

    Once you have shown TS that the directory exists, updates are pretty much seemless, with workspaces and graphs updated automatically with daily downloads at CSI.

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    thanks one,

    I've set up my portfolio in UA, and can open up files from the chart window in Tradestation 2000i.

    I wonder - Is it possible to add all the symbols in UA portfolio actomatically to a portfolio in Tradestation?

    It takes ages having to open up each symbol individually in Tradestation, and I'm sure there must be a quicker way to import a whole portfolio from CSI into tradestation?

    Many thanks

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    When you show TS the new directory, TS shows all files in the directory, i.e., when you add or subtract a contract in CSI it is added to or subtracted from the list the directory TS accesses.

    You do have to add individual charts to your workspaces, but only once. You can have many workspaces open at the same time, with many windows (contracts) in each one, but keep in mind that you will be burning resources if you keep too many charts and too many workspaces open at the same time.

    I use several workspaces with 10-15 charts in each, and open and close each as needed to concerve resources. Once you have the workspaces set up, you only need to enter new contracts.

    Here is a link in which you may have interest, discussing the accuracy of CSI's data versus competitors. I read a more recent summary of the steps CSI takes to ensure that the data base is accurate, but can't put my finger on it. I will say that CSI's data is much cleaner than any other source I have used, and I have used many. In two years I have only come accross a handful of errors, versus finding them on a weekly basis with other providers. Here's the link