TradeStation Cost?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by qazmax, Nov 30, 2005.

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    Trade Station pricing...

    The Trade Station website does not have the pricing for the product, can anyone tell me what they cost? (So I do not have to listen to a sales person)


  2. 99 per month if you have minimum $5000 account.
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    Do you guys like it? The optimization feature looks fun, but the rest seems standard..
  4. not sure. i just went live yesterday. so far the charts suck. i am used to the sharp clean charts in qcharts. still trying to figure out how to adjust everything.
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  6. TS FREE if one of the following is met:

    10 RT futures
    50 RT single stock index contracts
    25 000 shares
    50 contracts in equity & index options
    10 RT forex
    100 RT forex mini lots

    Starting from december,1. It's all clearly mentioned on the website of TS.
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    vhehn, not sure why your charts wouldn't be clear? I actually like them better than Esignal that I used to use, but I haven't used Qcharts in a long time so I can't say what differences there would be to that product.
  8. i think the difference is that with qcharts they have a white border around the candles that makes them stand out. there must be a way in ts. just have not figured it out yet.

  9. oops i guess not. guess i will just have to get used to it. just got this message from ts:


    TradeStation does not provide a way to do this, except possibly by inserting the same symbol a second time, but in white and with a thicker line weight. If you would like to see this feature in future versions of TradeStation, please add your suggestion to the TradeStation Enhancement Suggestions forum.

    Thank you,

    TradeStation Securities, Inc.
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    I also posted this in response to your question in the TS forums...
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