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  1. i just signed up with tradestation. i am looking for a place where people publish free signal codes that i can look through for ideas.
  2. You should consider getting "Building Winning Systems with Tradestation". Good book, some useful systems (once they're modified).

    Also consider checking out the systems posted on the WL site. you'd need to translate them to easylanguage but they have some excellent systems posted to the WL site.

  3. I visit these forums sometimes:
    It's public forum, and not well organized forum, everyone
    freely take part and advertise, with many pro users but
    don't share much coding, except if you pay
    Another Smaller free forum belong to
    remember, they don't teach you grammar, syntax of EL, but
    help you with your coding if information isn't much useful,
    otherwise you got to pay.

    Look here for more than 500 Easylanguage indicators,
    Showme, paint bar,....

    But many answers in two forum above goes unanswered
    which is not the case with tradestation own forum, also the
    I have more than 200 EL codes for different strategies
    that comes with text explanation on each code that
    sold on internet, i can swap with something useful
  4. i am finally live. thanks for all the info so far. it has a lot more going on that qcharts. does anyone have a workspace ,stocks and futures, they would like to share to get me started?
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  6. I recommend that you take the time to review and/or search what been posted in the EasyLanguage Library (818 topics, 11105 posts) where you can “review and download EasyLanguage Studies contributed by the TradeStationWorld community members, including strategies, indicators . . ..”

    Additionally, you may want to review the “Newbie - Where to Begin?” and the “TradeStation/EasyLanguage/DLL Gems” threads:
  7. I'm not sure if you are asking on how to get started using
    easylanguage quickly or short cut way?

    If that's your question, i had good success learning it without
    having any programming knowledge, Many non-programmers
    fail because of wrong learning method.

    Later you can also use VB & excel, Access, SQL server.
    As i found not knowing EL, you won't have much understanding of how to put Visual basic and database applications into much use
  8. i was hoping someone would share their whole workspace so i could look at how other people are setting things up.
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