Tradestation Charting

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by speculari, Nov 22, 2006.

  1. I'm interested in using the TS software for charting the e-mini's intraday but have no plan to use them as a broker.

    It looks like my options are paying $300 a month or biting the bullet and plunking down 5g's to open an account with them, but even then i'd have to spend $100 a month?

    Have any other users found another option?
  2. What capabilities are you looking for charting? Can you be more specific about what features of TS you are looking for?
  3. I want to code some custom indicators. I already have done it through QT but they do not provide enough days bf of intraday data for what i want to do(<=10 days).

    Also i follow some market internals intraday (i.e. TICK, TRIN, etc.). and i like how TS allows you to plot it right under the price chart like an indicator.
  4. Buy a TS2000i, it has more or less the posibilities of TS8.
    And you can test on a unlimited number of days as the data is saved on your PC.
    Would cost you much less than paying 300$ each month.
  5. Try out MultiCharts, since your requirements arent extensive, it would be a cheaper solution. Its more or less a TS clone
  6. if you are doing the es emini, then fund the account and make 10 r/t's a month and everything is free except the fee's to the exchanges. thats what i do.
  7. Thanks to all who've chimed in. I will take a look at these different options over the weekend.