Tradestation automation: what is server-sided?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by fletch2, Dec 6, 2005.

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    I am looking into doing some automated trading with Tradestation.

    What is not clear to me is how much of a strategy coded in EasyLanguage gets server-sided, and how much of the logic remains on the client.

    Can you place time based stops that get server sided? I of course can't rely on my home as a data center for getting me out of my positions hands-free, so hopefully Tradestation does some kind of server-siding of orders or even the entire strategy.

    I am waiting on their tech support for answer, but I thought you guys might be better to ask.

  2. From my understanding, orders from automated trading using easy language are kept on the client side. Only orders placed through the Order Bar are kept on their servers.

    If there is a way around this, Id love to know.
  3. Systems do work on the client side, unless you buy into the conspiracy theory that TS is stealing your system.

    A way around what? There are companies that will host your system for you...

  4. Anyone who thinks anybody wouldn't try to steal a winning system is a mug.
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    Most of those "winning systems" dont work if you try to use more than 1 or 2 lots anyways - but it sure gives the paranoids something to talk about
  6. There's a difference between "anybody" and a company that makes a living off allowing people to run autotrading systems. All it would take would be one disgruntled employee to reveal TS was stealing systems and they'd be out of's just not worth the risk given that most of the systems people autotrade don't work with scaling anyway.....
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    First and foremost the question remains: Who has developed a system worth stealing? I make money, but i have nothing to hide from anyone. No one out there would follow my way, just as i would not follow yours. But then again this talk of someone stealing ones holy grail system is never going to end.

    It is easier to stroke ones own ego thinking they developed "THE SYSTEM TO BEAT THE GAME", HA.....:D
  8. In TS version 8.1 or 8.1 SP1 (latest release) you can choose between having client side stops that get sent when hit or server side stops.
  9. I heard 8.2 will have an option to turn on/off tradestation's code theft :D
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    mercurial: There's a gotcha there, though; TS implemented a nasty little "feature". If you modify your stop orders more frequently than once a minute, the implementation of the stop is automatically shifted to client-side (in other words, the stop is now held on your machine, not at TradeStation or at the exchange).

    That's not necessarily a show-stopper of course. Personally, I never modify my stop orders, so this nuance wouldn't matter to me. Just good to know about it so you won't be surprised by the behavior.
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