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  1. Anyone use Tradestation for their automated trading? If so, I'd appreciate your feedback. I'm thinking about opening an account w/ them. Thanks.
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    i use tradestation for automated trading.... in general, it works, but.... my understanding is.... the automated trading subsystem was written by a third party and then interfaced to the tradestation software... so the interface is complex and doesn't always work, requiring a trader to monitor all executions to be sure what the automated trading subsystem says happened .... actually happened in the tradestation stockbox.

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    TS software is great, use a third party dll like Dynoarder to trade with IB. Best of all possible worlds.
  4. Have any users of Tradestation experienced major slow-down in strategy execution with version 8.1 ?
    I am an older TS2000i user, but heard that Cruz decided on a fairly major change which involved evaluating the ORDER of the high and low within a bar interval. To accomplish this, all intervals must be evaluated at the TICK level of detail. No wonder it's now slow !! The proper method would have been an indicator in the summarized price stream (hourly, daily, weekly, 100 ticks, 1000 ticks, etc).
    Would appreciate any comments on this....
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    I am not sure you have to use the tick level, I think it is optional.
  6. Over at TS World there are several threads describing the horror stories of how slow 8.1 is compared to 8.0. Some users report it taking nearly a half hour to load their charts vs under a minute with 8.0. TS says they are working on solving the problem but their track record is not that good in doing what they say they will do. Also there are reports of 8.1 hogging memory taking 40% more than 8.0 needed for the same setups.

    Some users report minimal improvement by upgrading CPUs and adding memory. Others report some improvement by rewriting their code.

    I'm sticking with 8.0 until they get a stable 8.1 build that approaches the speed of 8.0.

    Beware of 8.1 for now.

  7. I also use TS for charting and IB for trading.
    I considered trading with TradeStation, but several reasons convinced me not to do this.

    For example: TS has an inconsistent delay of market data for the symbol SPX (S&P500 index) of between 1 to 30 seconds (relative to IB) and sometimes they miss ticks. I didn't bother checking other symbols.
  8. Hi dougcs,

    Can we still download the 8.0 from tradestation website? Or are all new users forced to use 8.1?

  9. Build 1869 of TS8 is still available.

    Build 2706 of TS8.1 has been made available to some users (like myself). Haven't had enough time yet to tell you how stable it is, but it appears faster than Ts 8.1 build 2172.

    All have been pretty stable so far for me - but I only use TS for long term equities trading. Auto-futures trading is done via C++/API at other broker who I am looking to change anyway...
  10. Hi Equalizer,

    Can you direct me to download TS8 Build 1869? Can't find it on the website.

    What are the main reasons you do not use TS8.0 or 8.1 to autotrade? Are you active in your trades?

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