Tradestation Automated trading for real?

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by glamm210, May 29, 2006.

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    Is there anyone who've been trading live for a while with tradestation automated strategy execution?

    I notice that it is a good charting platform but I wonder if the automation part is for real. Anyone trading a relatively large number of contracts (100's) with scale in and scale out type of execution? Does the execution network measures up? Reliability issues?

    Any comments welcome.


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    no replies?

    I am also wondering the same thing....

    I'm funding a TS acct monday morning and planning to auto-trade stocks

    Would love to hear feedback from people doing this already
  3. I was using TradeStation full auto with a ten contract clip size when they first introduced automated trading a few years back, and used scale out functions.

    Basically, if you can code it in easylanguage, you can get TS to pretty much what you want.

    I dont use it any more as I switched to more proprietary platforms, but it worked pretty well over the space of about a 12 month period that i was using it.

    Main issues at the time were strategy getting out of sync with the real market, due to TS thinking a limit order was filled when in fact it wasnt. i beleive they have introduced new features since then that handle this occurence.
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    May I ask which one? Or did you build one from scratch?

  5. its a calendar spread trading platform called Aquarius by Communicating Ltd of London.
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    I've found some informations about Communicating Ltd, but no they have one or is there another source where I could get more details about Aquarius?
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    Anyone tried out smartquant hands on?

    It looks great on paper, full control to the source code ...etc.

    But it looks like a very small company, I am afraid the product would be buggy and bug fix would take relatively long.

    Anyone has experience with that?
  8. The product is exceptional and you have to remember that even TT was willing to enter into an agreement with this company - that means a lot imo.
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    That makes sense...

    Thanks 5Pillars!
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