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  1. I am new to Tradestation but have been trading for some time. I am in the process of converting my workspaces over to TS and have several chart configurations I use with various indicators. With certain indicators (like BB I do not use midline) I only use some of the lines and then make transparent the others. I have been able to do this on two other chart programs by just selecting transparent for the line color from the configuration box. However, I cannot seem to find this option anywhere within TS. Please tell me that this can be done without learning a programming language.

    Thanks for any assistance.


  2. choose the same color as the background and you will not see the line. Change the full line in dotted.
  3. Surdo


    Right click chart, left click format analysis techniques.

    left click BB's, click format, click midline, click same color as background, ok close.... poof gone !

    You can just copy/paste window to duplicate for the next chart.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I did as you suggested and although it is not as complete as I would hope for (can still see the residual lines as they run through the candles) it will get the job done.

    So, if you will assist me with one more question how do I enter the formula for median and typical pricing into the indicator inputs for price. I know the formula for Typical is High+Low+Close/3 and Median is High+Low/2. But I am not sure how to do do this and get the indicator to display.

    Thanks again!
  5. Tums


    Here's the code for Bollinger Bands.

    See the green highlighted line below?
    Plot3[Displace]( var0, "MidLine" ) ;

    I have added the { before the line, and } at the end of the line. That will blank out the midline from your chart.

    	BollingerPrice( Close ),
    	TestPriceUBand( Close ),
    	TestPriceLBand( Close ),
    	Length( 20 ),
    	NumDevsUp( 2 ),
    	NumDevsDn( -2 ),
    	Displace( 0 ) ;
    	var0( 0 ),
    	var1( 0 ),
    	var2( 0 ),
    	var3( 0 ) ;
    var0 = AverageFC( BollingerPrice, Length ) ;
    var1 = StandardDev( BollingerPrice, Length, 1 ) ;
    var3 = var0 + NumDevsUp * var1 ;
    var2 = var0 + NumDevsDn * var1 ;
    condition1 = Displace >= 0 or CurrentBar > AbsValue( Displace ) ;
    if condition1 then 
    	Plot1[Displace]( var3, "UpperBand" ) ;
    	Plot2[Displace]( var2, "LowerBand" ) ;
    	[b][color=red]{[/color] [color=green]Plot3[Displace]( var0, "MidLine" ) ;[/color] [color=red]}[/color][/b]
    	if Displace <= 0 then
    		condition1 = TestPriceLBand crosses over var2 ;
    		if condition1 then
    			Alert( "Price crossing over lower price band" ) 
    		condition1 = TestPriceUBand crosses under var3 ;
    		if condition1 then
    			Alert( "Price crossing under upper price band" ) ;
    		end ;
    	end ;