TradeStation as Futures Broker

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by rdavenport, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Does anyone use TradeStation for a futures broker (cleared through RJ O'Brien) for day trading e-mini's?

    If so, how are the fills?

    I am new to futures so any other suggestions as to futures brokers would be appreciated.
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    I have no complaints about RJO'Brien. Fills are fast and at the market.

    Another alternative is Interactive Brokers.
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    I'm using them and i like it, but i don't have much to compare it to...has anyone used places that clear thru GHCO and others? how do the fills compare?
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    Can I make the bracket orders (such as IB TWS) in a new TS Matrix?

  6. What is TS Matrix?
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    Matrix is the order window. Neat little invention that is. Made my trading much simpler since I trade thinner futures.

    I love my TradeStation. The fills are just fine now since they are directly in CME and CBOT.:)
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    It's great!... But I considered that (for example) if I place a buy limit order 1 contract of the emini S&P @1000.00 and select something like "bracket orders", will TS be create simultaneously a sell limit order @1010.00 and a sell stop order for @995.00?
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    Yes, there is a way to do that on need to use the Order Macros. How that is really done, I do not have a clue since I do not place stops immediatly. I wait to see what develops for a bar or 2.:)
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