TradeStation, any other good platform?

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  1. i spent all day researching the various trading platform software, most seems very limited except TradeStation. Here's what i am looking to do:

    1) Program custom tech indicator conditions into a scanner, then scan the market (ie: nasdaq small caps etc..). Most platforms only has preprogrammed screeners which are useless. For example, i want to find stocks that:

    Period: daily
    MA(10) down from T-10 to T-7, then up from T-3 to T
    ON T MA(10) cross over EMA(30)
    CMF > 0.1

    2) Display top 200 largest short interest increase stocks

    What trading platform can do this? besides TradeStation

    Now about the TradeStation fees, it's very confusing. Do you pay a $90 flat monthly fee? Is it an actual brokerage where you deposite fund into, or just a software platform linked to your own brokerage?

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    If you do a minimum volume of trading on TS, the only fees you pay are Exchange fees. If you are a brokerage customer, and do not trade the Platform fee is $99 + Exchange fees, if you are NOT a brokerage customer, they charge $249 PLUS fees.

    It's worth doing the 10 Rt's in futures/10K shares to save the $249. If you are a high volume trader, I would think twice about using them as a broker!
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    You only need to do 10 RT's for FREE RADAR STATION, or 10K shares a momth, not exactly active trading..
  4. I'd say TradeStation is probably your best bet
  5. sorry guys i am still confused about the fee structure. Let me just put it into simple terms

    PAY ONLY TRADE ORDER FEES (like any other normal brokerage)
    - Must deposite fund into tradestation (what's the min? it says 1million on the website :eek: )
    - Must trade 5000 shares or more of stocks a month

    PAY $90 +$50 (for radarscreen) MONTHLY
    - if above 2 conditions are not met but still have a brokerage account with them

    PAY $300 MONTHLY
    - if you do not have a brokerage account with tradestation but just using their software

    is this right? here's the source.
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    Newguy there are a few options.

    No particular order to my comments.

    -Tradestation is $100 for the platform and $60 for Radarscreen. If you are a brokerage customer and make 10 futures trades or trade 25k volume worth of stocks or I forget how much Forex then there is NO charge except for xchange fees. For what TS is that is tremendous value although TS is not w/out blemishes.

    -Be aware that Radarscreen is not a true stock filterer. In that it cannot scan the whole universe of stocks for specific event. You must specify a smaller universe, THEN it can do what you want. Ex Dow Jones 30, SP500, Nazdog 100 etc down to 1 min.

    -As to other software, specifically screeners

    These can do what your criteria you are looking for. Every program has strengths/drawbacks, I can be more specific if you like. There are others these are just the ones Im most familar with.

    I am currently testing and my understanding is that sometime this year Multicharts which is very similar to TS will have its own more feature laden version of Radarscreen

    At present with what you're trying to do TS is probably the most efficient all in one scenario. But if/when Multicharts has screener I will definitely give them a try.

    Disclaimer: Currently use TS and Ive used all the others as well except MC

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    It's possible that you can do the kind of screening you want at
  8. HTH, thanks i just tried out neoticker. It does allow scripting but the whole setup isnt very friendly as wealth-lab, had to figure out how to connect to the right data source, setting up indictors etc...instead of just go straight to program the actual business logic and backtesting.

    Going to give tradestation a go tomorrow, basically i dont want to waste time on all the low level tech setup (done enough of that at my day job as a programmer) but want an integrated platform that i can code in the business logic and everything just flows.

    Let me know how quotein goes. You can also try out It's brilliant that you can putting in your strategy and backtest it within minutes literally, but not useful for actual market scan due to very bad performance.


    maxpi, are you sure they let you program your own scan logic? I saw a description on the site but have to pay just to see what it's all about.

    EDIT: nm is pretty sweet. Checkout the tutorial here:

    i just signed up, it's only like 10 bucks a month
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    I did some screening with it, I recall writing my own scans and I don't recall paying for it, it was a long while back really. Let us know how that works out, if it doesn't, sorry for a bogus suggestion... the thing about radarscreen is the 1000 symbol limitation, stockcharts starts out with a larger base than that as I recall... you might prescreen with Stockcharts and further screen with Radarscreen, if you can get the output from stockcharts into excel somehow you can copy/paste into radarscreen.

    The screener at Reuters can screen on fundamentals and output to excel if you go with fundamentals, it's as good as it gets...
  10. the stockcharts scanner works perfectly, and no messy setup to hook in your datafeed etc, it's all there out of box. You can even link 1 logical scanner to another to further filter out the results. Performance is very good too.

    It costs 20 bucks a month to access the advanced version of the scanner, which is needed to do all the cool stuff.

    I highly recommand this, saved me tons of time and made some money off it already.
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