Tradestation and "other" data feeds

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    Hello Henry,


    > Also, would TS7.2 able to get market depth information from this
    > > external feed?
    > I don't know. You have to ask the developer that.

    OwnData doesn't support market depth at this moment, but we are working

    > > Actually, if you ask me, I haven't really had much problems with TS
    > > feed lately. As to if it's reliable.. well, I haven't compared it
    > > with any other source, but I have read here in the list that some
    > > folks did find some discrepency in the TS data.

    TS7 works fine most of time, but nobody can't guarantee 100% stability.
    OwnData helps to reduce this risk.

    We are planning to release DDE version next week. You will be able to
    TS7 with tick data from any DDE sources. OwnData will construct any
    times frames from DDE ticks. For example, you will be able to use free
    data in TS7.

    Moreover, we will offer special New Year prices for the software soon.

    Thanks for the interest,

    TS Support Team