TradeStation and MiniLots

Discussion in 'Forex' started by oddiduro, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. I am curious as to whether anyone knows if TradeStation will offer MiniForex, or will it be the standard forex.

    I want to automate a forex system I have written:D :D

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    This version of TradeStation does not support automated Forex trades. But O'Brien who is their broker does offer minis. It is on their website.:)
  3. Thank you very much bob and cathy.:)

    Are you talking about 7.1 or the upcoming 7.2?
  4. Please note: Since trading will be done through a third party application, automated execution of Forex based on your strategies will not be available in this release. Automated execution from within TradeStation 7.2 is expected to be integrated in a future version of TradeStation.
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  6. Well, that suks:(

    I am sure tradestation will fix this, ASAP:)
  7. We expect a release of new version of Dynaorder which can route orders from Tradestation 2000i, eSignal, Metastock, etc to FXCM- and MetaTrader-compatible brokers this Friday, 12/05/2003.