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  1. Hello everyone! I'm new to the stock game, and I have a big newbie question. If I get Tradestation, why would I need Esignals service? Doesn't Tradestation already provide everything that Esignal has? I noticed that some people have both, and I can't understand why you would need both if tradestation has everything that Esignal has? I know it has to be something, so can someone please explain?

    I also tried searching for an answer, but I didn't find anything.

    Thank You!
  2. you only need tradestation. actually i have had esignal for 10 years and am thinking of going to tradestaion for quotes as tis basically free if you do a few trades and they have great scanners you can program
  3. Thank you for responding Joey. That's what I thought. I figured Tradestation supplies everything I would need, so why use Esignal along with it? I don't remember who, but I remember reading quite a few times that some people use both, and I couldn't understand why. So I thought maybe there is some kind of added advantage that I don't know about.
  4. eSignal covers much more markets while TS supports US market only.

    And sometimes ppl may prefer to hv more than one system to back up each other.

    eSignal is really expensive.... esp true when you can now use TS free if you trade enough contracts there. So it seems that a lot ppl are switching from eSignal to TS.

    A lot ppl may stay with eSignal for the time being b'coz they are used to it, hv their systems written in EFS, or hv binding contract with them. But eventually eSignal may need to adjust their price otherwise a lot of their customers will leave.
  5. Esignal has nothing that Tradestation doesn't offer, except for more international market, this advantage will go away when Tradestation offers eurex and Liffe markets later this year

    Some guys use Tradestation 2000i with esignal or recent owndata with TS8.1, because they use IB as brokerage for lower commision

    Featurewise tradestation 8 is lexus, Esignal is honda, Meantime easylanguage is 10 times more supported than EFS esignal
  6. Thank you for the responses, I understand now!
  7. Surdo


    TS 8 is the way to go.
  8. There are different tradestation platforms. The latest version (v. 8.0) includes data.

    Previous version like 2000i (version 5) did not include built-in data and you signed up with whichever vendor you wanted.

  9. yes no dout i've dragged my feet with leaving esignal becasue i got so used to it after using for 10 years. but i have quotes with my direct access broker, i have quotes with ib so i'm throwing away good money for nothing plus i'll get tradestation and trade 10 rountrip futures and get it for 40 or so amonth as one as to pay the date feeds
  10. One last question. Is it possible to paper trade with Tradestation using real time data without actually opening a broker account, and just subscribing to their service alone? I want to backtest a few ideas then paper trade it. Thanks again!
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