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  1. yiftafr


    I do futures (day trading and swing)
    I thinking of openning acount on Tradestation Securities.
    Naturally I'm doing it mainly for the platform.
    The fact that for 10 contracts a month that I would trade anyway I get the platform and data for free sounds very atractive.
    Still I happen to read many complaints about their customer service(can it get worse then IB:) and performance as a broker.
    What are their weak sides beside that?
    Is their data service stable and acurate enough?
    Is the free platform has additional catches that I miss?
    How are they compared to MBTrading?

    Thanks for all your help
  2. do the 10 contracts and get tradestation data for free and open an account with ib to do your stock trades. ib is superior to mbt or tradestation
  3. TS is a pretty good charting platform.

    I would not trade thru their matrixes though. Very little customer service available on short notice. If you get in a bind, you are stuck.

    Just my 2 cents.
  4. Surdo


    What kind of customer service do you need?
    There is a number to call for executions.
  5. How about when your matrix, along with everyone else's goes down at the same time, and you call and get a busy signal. Then you sit and watch helplessly as your money disappears from your account and you literally cant do anything but hope and pray. I think thats what he means by customer service.

  6. Surdo


    Oh sorry, I use 2 other brokers that go down just as often @ different times, I wish my novias went down as often!
  7. Surdo - I guess if that kind of customer service is acceptable to you, then TS is great for charting and execution. But, when trading in blocks of 20, 30, 40, 50+ contracts at a time, I like to know that I can reach a human being on short notice.

    Also, recently found out that TS has been telling their QM matrix users that there is not depth available on the QM. Well, this is completely inaccurate, there is market depth on the QM but TS for whatever reason choses to not provide this to their users.

    Again, not only are they not providing this, but on their forum by their moderators, they are telling users it is not available.
  8. Tradestation is the best for charts. they have a user friendly website with video's that explains all the charting features.
    Tradestation has the best charts in the world. I haven't found nothing that compares. It's free after so many trades.

    But they need to come down in price for their emini futures margin prices. They charge 1000.00 per contract. They should charge 500.00 per contract like their competitors do.
  9. yiftafr


    Thanks for info.
    IB is out of the question. Infact I went to IB first and already decided to go with IB+QT it's just that for some silly technical stuff (My residential adress does not include street name because I live in a very small place) "They wouldn't take my acount". I tried to understand what can be done but their customer service is a nightmare.
    So I decided to take my money somewhere else.
    The customer service I need id mainly for executing trades when offline for some reason. As long as the platform is up I wouldn't need anything else (I hope :)).
    In what sense IB is superior to MB?
  10. Both IB and MB stink and are horrible.
    Go with tradestation. You will very happy with tradestation. Ask tradestation for a demo account first. Call the 800 number, they will give you a demo.
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