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Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by romik, Feb 17, 2006.

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    Would like to receive comments on average order executions on Tradestation 8.

    I am specifically interested in how long it takes (hopefully in seconds :)) to get filled during high volume times trading eminis.

    Thank you.
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  2. I do not think it has taken me more than a second or two to get filled on ES and ER2 trades at the right bid or ask. If the market is moving real fast, then a limit order might miss since the b/a would move past it by the time you clicked the order.
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    Assuming you have a Cable Modem or T1, a "marketable" order is executed in under a second.
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    what about your quotes guys, did you check them alongside other providers like IQ feed, etc?
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    that's true surdo, i compared quite a few feeds against squawkbox service, i tell you even they are late at times quoting. I am using TS8 as I scalp for .50 to 2 points, at times quotes are not quite right. Thaught of changing to X_Trader platform, not quite sure yet. I know a lot of people praise X_Trader...
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  7. I am on free trail for tradestation, the platform is great. I haven't execute any order with them yet, so I have no comment. Iwill try next week. I trade EC, I trade in the evening, so I don't think there will be problem executing trades at all.

    A lot of people here complaint about their customer service, my explain has been pleasant so far. My previous broke is IB, and my recent experiences were all bad. The phone rep is very rude, and there is a ticket I submitted on IB account mantaintence for like 3 weeks, and it still there. The trial stop didn't work, email sent and they didn't do anything. I ended from a profit trade into a lost.

    The thing I hate about TS is everything still in paper phone. If you want to change your information, you have to send them a form. You cannot do it online. I thought we are in the 21st century.
  8. if you can live with placing your orders on a limit basis, TS8 is very good. if you have to have market orders you will mostly get 1 tick slippage. there are some really nice features on the new 8.1 order bar.
  9. Just a follow up for anyone who still care.

    The execution is fast, I only trade the EC on 1 or 2 contracts. I use both limits and stop, and I haven't see any slippage when it executed the stop orders.

    Technical support is very knowledgable and nice. If would be great if they can cut the waiting time to like 5 minutes instead of 15.

    One thing I really like is the P/L summary, which summarize your total P/L for the day if you trade the same produce multiple times during the same day.
  10. i just signed up with t/s for there quotes and graphs and i'm very impressed with there technical support and the software looks good. i executed a few emin's and they were very fast
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