Tradestation 8.3

Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by lmangal, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. lmangal


    I am looking for the installer form tradestation 8.3.....can anyone help me.....
    it would be greatly appreciated
  2. Why do you need it? It's useless unless you have an account with them. Or you have OwnData, which cost $995.
  3. lmangal


    I have own data
  4. I think starting from 8.3 you have to have an account with Tradestation. And you can only login from computers that are regristed with them even if your working offline.
  5. Splat


    TS 8.3 does work with the latest owndata 2.5.... (see tssupport site)
  6. is TS 8 with owndata and esignal as stable as TS2000i with esignal ? Or has it big disadvantages ?
  7. just21


    try emule
  8. Isn't TS 8.2 Build 3896 the latest version?
  9. ess1096


    Can I ask you guys a question on Tradestation?

    I read all the reviews here on ET and the comments are very mixed and most are even outdated.
    Been trading for three years and I'm still alive. Now I want to make the move from discretionary trader to system trading. I trade stocks and options, no futures but I might make that move soon too. I have no interest in forex.
    As current users of TS, would you suggest TS to someone who has trading experience but has zero knowledge in programing? In other words, is it easy to learn and are executions good (slippage?)?
  10. Splat


    No TS8.3 is the latest and is being rolled out I believe....
    #10     Aug 17, 2007