TradeStation 8.2 Build 3863 Issues

Discussion in 'Strategy Development' started by Surdo, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Surdo


    1. Times & Sales Window displays the incorrect time in the evening session.

    2. The Matrix window DOES NOT display the proper traded volumes.

    Has anybody else noticed these issues, or am I the only loser that looks at TradeStation at night?

    I get a real warm fuzzy feeling running automated strategies with the timeclock and volumes off. Ya gotta' love that banner ad above this thread, BEST BROKER my ass!

    el surdo
  2. The latest build of TS also has some importing of ELD problems. I was importing my ELDs from the previous build and it decided to crash several times. Finally got them imported.

    I usually don't upgrade to the latest so fast, but with the daylight savings time change, it was required.
  3. Surdo


    Is your T & S off by 6 hours right now?

    el surdo
  4. I been trying to install the TS update for 5 days now....

    everytime I install and run the new version it crashes and locks up my comptuer.....

    I had no problems....

    why the forced upgrades....???

    amazing....:mad: :mad:
  5. Surdo


    The forced upgrade is due to Daylight Saving Time' premature arrival this year.

    Quite ironic these rocket scientists have a bug in the system that displays the wrong time in the new build!

    el surdo
  6. EliteEd


    They seem to indicate that 8.2 is for the new daylight savings time adaption. But, there are many more problems than that. I have had many crashes too, none before 8.2. Have spent around three hours with tech services and still have problems. The only way for me to stop crashes is to delete "program/cache" file every day. Unacceptable. Note my thread under trading software.
  7. WHERE do I find this program/cache file to delete?

  8. EXACTLY. On top of absolutely DUMB policies like that I can't believe they have become so desparate to save a few bucks and provide such lousy tech and customer support. Heck, I was on the phone for almost 20 minutes yesterday, just getting thru to make sure my forum account worked in the new Wiki.
  9. unless I am wrong....

    the best part for me is that if you go directly to the TS forums.... you will see EXACTLY ZERO posts about how TS is fucked up right now and crashing for
  10. Dude 20 minutes is nothing....TRAD have a long history of providing shotty customer service. Their entire business model is not on customer retention, but instead on turnover....

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