Tradestation 8.1 and ASCII data

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  1. I am trying to access ASCII 1 minute data with Tradestation 8.1 but I keep getting an invalid symbol error message. I think I am having problem with the prefix. It recognizes the ES.TXT but I can't figure out what to put in front of it to make it a valid symbol.

    For example, when using eSignal real-time data it is ES:ES z6=2

    Any and all suggestion would be appreciated.
  2. I am using 8.1 SP1 3159.

    1. Go to symbol lookup
    2. Select 3rd Party Tab
    3. Click Add
    4. Type: ASCII, Select Location you store your data, Set Prefix to TXT in your case (ES.TXT).
    5. Click OK
    6. Select your filename you want to plot. You should see the file names in the selection window.
    7. You will then see dialogs to select your data format, category, and session times, save the settings for the symbol.

    The file will now plot.

    The symbol will read something like +TXT:ES.TXT
  3. Once I saw you post I immediately tried it but I am still coming up with an invalid symbol. +TXT:ES.TXT did not work for me. Thanks for your help though!!!
  4. What step from my list did the process fail?

    When you get to step 7, and the data format dialog appears, does the sample window show the correct columns?

    If the file is not too big or if you can trim it, I can check to see if it loads for me. Just PM me if you want to try.
  5. 2006


    Is it possible to get TS8.1 EOD cracked?
  6. Look on emule.

    That site has loads of TradeStation cracks.
  7. 2006


    Do they have viruses? I just want to play around with its back-testing features. Should I get the one with owndata?

    Thanks in Advance
  8. I wouldn't trust any cracked copy of TradeStation or owndata. If you run them, put them in a sandbox. A machine not used for anything important or a virtual machine (vmware).

    From what I have read in the past, the programmers at TradeStation put all kind of traps in their code so the cracked copies look like they are working, when in fact they give you incorrect results.
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    Not only that, but many of the P2P versions have a keylogger embedded that passes it along to a Russian address.