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    Not a problem.

    Have a good weekend.

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  2. One of the bugs that I noticed a while ago was that the gainers/losers ranking list didn't account for the splits and had some erroneous entries. I contacted the tech support people but never found out as to whether it was fixed. I only use the platform to execute the trades and don't use that feature any more so I'm not sure if this still happens. At least noone got back to me saying it's been fixed or no we can't fix it b/c of this or that.
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  3. I love TS6 for its reliability relative to other competitors, namely Neovest's First Alert (godawful data problems - but awesome filtering capabilities)

    TS has great charts and easily manipulable chart functions, but its (to my mind) major gap is its absence of a filtering feature and inabilty to click on a list of symbols to generate charts, you have to key them in instead. If they add a scanning feature that works well, I'll be back with them.
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  4. ever tried the right-mouse button?
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  5. Or using a "Quotes" page? Or (the alternative I much prefer) having your workspaces laid-out and either loaded or ready-to-load ahead of time?

    Also, I agree a true scanning capacity would be handy, but there's much you can do (and much more advanced and customizable stuff, too, than on most scanning utilities) "scanning" a relatively smaller universe of tradables loaded in multiple charts with alert functions and/or signals already set.
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    I recently dropped TradeStation and went over to eSignal.
    I am a discretionary trader - my needs are simple,
    I just want some good tools.

    TradeStation's drawing tools are not up to speed -
    and looking at the above link on the new release -
    I don't see mention about drawing tool upgrades.
    (maybe I missed it).

    Tools like Fibbonacci Expansion lines, Andrews Pitchfork. Etc.

    No Lnking chart windows - ( finally 7 will have it )
    but I have them now in eSignal ( or RealTick if you go with them ).

    ..( and Ensign software using eSignal data feed )
    has most of what I want and more.
    Great tools and Tech Support.

    I'm not posting here to Bad Rap TradeStation,
    but just in case someone is trying to make a decision on which platform to go with.
    The above are "Some" of the reasons I left.
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    Looks good. I have TS2000 and haven't even used half the features, looks like they recreated it in a newer, more maintainable coding format (based on the idea they can come out with a new version every 3 months.) That may mean that they will do ongoing bug fixes as well. If their brokerage is profitable enough then they will have the resources to maintain and improve the code. I sure hope that is the way it plays out because Microsoft is providing stable enough operating systems nowadays and buggy software and crashing is just not acceptable to most computer users nowadays. Support for 8 processors, wow. I think you get about a doubling of speed with every quadrupling of the number of processors, 8 would give you a quad-speed mother board or 10 Ghz or so, combine that with a RAID setup for speedier drives (why don't the OS'es just run everything they can in RAM, it is cheap nowadays?) and you could probably watch a lot of issues tick by tick.

    If TS7 is as good as it looks it should be a hit.

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  9. The best thing I would enjoy in TS7 is their really long intraday history on Futures...Up to 20 years, that is really cool, when you know major competitor offers only 3 months (sic!)...
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  10. I wonder how much they're going to charge for Radar Screen. I feel kinda used - they spent months figuring out what people wanted - then they gave it to us - at a higher price....

    Gotta admit - the improvements to TS6 look good, though.
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