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  1. ddog


    In case anyone is interested, I found the following on TS website.

    TradeStation 7 Features Set and Release Date
    to be announced January 6, 2003

    TradeStation Securities is working on an interview will Bill Cruz that will review TradeStation 7 features in-depth, announce the TradeStation 7 release date, and include the annotation of TradeStation 6 Enhancement Suggestions Polls. We anticipate this will be available to the community on January 6, 2003.
  2. azzie


    I hope they include basic real-time scanning features. Thats one thing that has kept me from using them so far.
  3. ZTrader


    I actually heard a date.....from tradestation! They are saying that Tradestation 7 is scheduled for release for the last week in December 2002. This, of coarse, depends on passing all the qa tests. Worse case is the 1st week in January.

    Just hope that it won't have bugs in the program like TS 6!
  4. Z-

    Can you name Three of the TOP bugs in TS6 that you are referring to?


  5. excellent ! a great product made better, hopefully.


  6. ZTrader


    First off all, let me state that any of the bugs that came out in TradeStation 6 have been fixed by Tradestation. After contacting their tech support group (very responsive, I might add) about issues that I was encountering, they were able to send me a patch within a day or so (perhaps it was less than a day).

    One problem dealt with charts not updating on a regular basis, locking up, etc. Running Win XP and not sure if it was an XP compatibility issue or a generic bug. Either way, the QA and SW dept fixed the bug and sent me the patch. It was then sent to all tradestation users in one of the updates.

    My original posting is that I hope (and am more confident) that the QA dept. at TradeStation will do a very thorough and complete test of v7 before it is released.

    It just seemed a bit of an annoyance after V6 came out, though.
  7. MichaelD

    MichaelD TradeStation Securities

    Dear ZTrader:
    I would like to clarify that a release date for TradeStation 7 has not yet been announced. We have stated on the web site that TradeStation Securities is working on an interview with Bill Cruz that will review TradeStation 7 features in-depth and announce the TradeStation 7 release date. We anticipate this information will be available on January 6, 2003. We very much appreciate your enthusiasm for the release of TradeStation 7.
  8. ZTrader



    I am just telling you the response that I got from customer service when I asked about the release. The person I was on the phone with at Tradestation said that 'Amy just told (them) that they were shooting for the end of December (or before the end of the year - can't remember verbatim).'

    I even made the comment that they were the first person at TradeStation to give me a date for the release of TradeStation v7. Their reply was, "well, that was what I was just told."

    End of year Vs first of the year. Either way, that is fine with me. I would not be too pleased if the announcement comes out January 6th that v7 will be released "soon" (as was the response I received from TS all year!).
  9. MichaelD

    MichaelD TradeStation Securities

    Dear ZTrader:

    Please accept my apologies. I wanted to clarify the information that was given you so that others would be made aware of the correct information. I will address this with our Client Services Team to ensure that the proper information is communicated to users going forward.

    Thank you and have a nice evening.
  10. qdz


    Where can I download Tradestation Demo or Trial version?


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