TradeStation 7 Released & New Lower Commissions

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    It’s finally here! We are pleased to announce that the launch of TradeStation 7, the next generation of TradeStation’s award-winning electronic trading platform for active and institutional traders, will begin February 28, 2003. TradeStation 7 is the result of over $7 million of product development expense and nearly two years of work. Please view the latest press release at regarding the launch of TradeStation 7 issued Tuesday, February 25, 2003.

    Structured Rollout of TradeStation 7 to Existing TradeStation 6 Users
    With more than 10,000 existing brokerage clients and subscribers, TradeStation Securities (Member NASD, SIPC & NFA) and TradeStation Technologies are planning a structured rollout of TradeStation 7 which will take place throughout the next several weeks to help ensure a smooth upgrade process for all platform users. Sometime within the next several weeks, you will be automatically prompted to upgrade when you log on to TradeStation 6. Please rest assured that we will work diligently to upgrade as many users as possible each week. We appreciate your patience during this process.

    Although you have the option to continue using TradeStation 6 even after you have been prompted to upgrade, you will not be able to enjoy the many benefits of TradeStation 7 unless you upgrade. A detailed description of the new features, functions and enhancements in TradeStation 7 is available at

    New Lower Commissions beginning March 31, 2003
    TradeStation Securities is pleased to announce new lower brokerage commissions effective March 31, 2003 for futures and stock options. You do not need to have upgraded to TradeStation 7 before March 31, 2003 in order to receive this new commission structure.

    Stocks (per order) - First 500 shares will be $1.20 per 100 shares, and $.60 for each 100 shares over 500.
    Stock Options - $1.20 per contract
    E-Mini Futures - $2.80 per side, per contract
    Security Futures - $1.20 per side, per contract
    All other U.S. Futures - $6.99 per side, per contract

    If you are a brokerage client of TradeStation Securities on the current commission schedule, your account will automatically be adjusted to the new commission rates listed above effective March 31, 2003. There is nothing you need to do. However, if you are a legacy brokerage client (not on the current commission schedule), please contact TradeStation Securities’ Client Services team to discuss moving over to the new commission schedule.

    TradeStation 7 Monthly Platform/Data Fees
    TradeStation 7 Base Platform Fee $99.95 (Brokerage Clients)
    TradeStation 7 Base Platform Fee $199.95 (Non-Brokerage Clients/Subscriber)
    RadarScreen $69.95
    OptionStation $39.95
    & OptionStation $89.95
    (a savings of approximately $20 per month)
    ECN Books $10.00
    Dow Jones Newswire $95.00

    New Around-the-Clock Service
    Beginning March 10, 2003, TradeStation Securities is pleased to announce that it will offer its brokerage clients around-the-clock software and trading desk support. The new service hours will be as follows: Sunday, from 6 p.m. through Friday, 5 p.m. Eastern Time.

    As always, we appreciate your loyalty and support.
  2. Woody


    I am really looking forward to seeing the new integrated trading platform for futures. I am also very glad to see the e-mini commissions being lowered. I would think that the new platform and lower commissions will be attractive to a lot of traders.
  3. rasl


    MichaelD: this is great news
    looking forward to ts7
  4. How many stocks can one screen with Radar screen?? What is the max?

  5. Does anyone else think that $100 for basic service plus $70 for radarstation plus $10 for level2 plus $10 for emini data plus, plus... adds up to a bit much? Although TS is a somewhat unique product, what do other high end retail packages cost in comparison?
    $70 a month for a service that can be accomplished by simply adding workspaces to open seems like a lot.
    Anyone agree? Disagree?
  6. nitro



    Is the $99.95 for broker accounts only, or can anyone get this rate?

  7. maxpi


    I was on the phone with somebody at TS a few days ago and he told me that "a few hundred" issues could be monitored with Radarscreen. Seems like if you did not require tick by tick updates or in fact slowed things down and even staggered the times of updates then you could bump that number up.

  8. Michael,
    I'm from Canada and I asked for a demo CD from your office. I was told that you couldn't accept any Canadian clients. I understand there are reasons that you can't accept Canadians to trade with your brokerage but does that include just leasing your software?
  9. I just got off the phone with tech support and they told me that Radarscreen will be canned to 500 stocks.

    In the future they should allow for 5,000 stocks....

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