Tradestation 7 Automation DLL Wanted

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Funster, Oct 21, 2003.

  1. Funster



    As an automated system trader I am getting tired of waiting for Tradestation to add the facility for your easylanguage code to find out if a limit order is not actually filled and take appropriate action.

    They already have a command "getpositionquantity" which will retrieve this info I understand, but there is no way to alter the internal easylanguage engine to take into account that it's current position count is wrong.

    For example somehow easylanguage makes "marketposition" equal to 1 when it thinks a limit order has been filled. Lets say you dont get filled and you then use "getpositionquantity" to find out and take action (i.e. buy at market on the next bar). Well that is all very well but now Easylanguage thinks it has 2 positions open. So when you come to exit the position it will exit 2 instead of one (if, like me, you have multiple position strategies that use the "all contracts" switch to close) and thus reverse when you should be flat.

    What I need is a DLL that you can call that will somehow alter the internal Easylanguage trade count.

    If anyone has something or has the skill to do something like this then please post or PM me with a costing. Thanks