Tradestation 7.2 for E-Signal

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jerry78, Feb 18, 2004.

  1. Jerry78


    Is there Tradestation 7.2 for E-Signal ????
  2. Are you looking to feed your quotes in TS.7 with esignal
    real time data?
    Your question is little confusing because these two software
    each has their own data feed and charting build for them.
  3. AC3


    I use TS 7.2 and I thnk the ans 2 ur question is NO .... TS stopped supporting the older versions of their program in an effort 2 get people 2 open an account w/ Tradestation Securities. IF U do that then u get the 7.2 software for free and pay a base platform fee.
  4. Exactly. The only choice for him is to use TS2000i with more
    reliable data feed if he needs from esignal.
  5. AC3


    When I first started using TS I used 2000i and switched over 2 TS 7.2 then are constantly improving it ....... excellent platform
  6. mmillar


    There are two versions of TradeStation.

    7.x comes with its own datafeed. If you have TS7.x then you don't need anything else.

    2000i is effectively an empty database and a charting package to look at that database. You need to buy historical data and a realtime datafeed to fill that database. e-Signal provide a plugin for TS2000i that allows you to feed their data directly into its database.

    Incidentally, IMHO eSignal is a better real time charting package then TS. The only reason to use TS2000i is if you want to do data analysis. But eSignal has a tiny data history so even if you use it you will still need to buy historical data from someone else.

  7. Jerry78


    thanks for you all
  8. Check "OwnData" at this site. You can backup your TS7.2 OnDemandData feed with data from esignal...if you wish. If one is down and the other is up you are in luck. Good luck :)