Tradestation 52-week from $5.66 to $13.7 share

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by OptionScreen, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. It will soon breakout from it all time high.

    With Tradestation 9 still to be released next year,
    which major changes like portfolio testing and
    simulation,...European subsidiary in the UK, unbundled
    futures rate,....i expect it to go much higher to $20

    There is lot of talks about take over next year
    in several Message Board from traders holding shares

    Tradestation capital market is $570 million and has
    nearly $1.4 billion in asset of 22,400 customer account,
    imagine how much the plateform itself is worth?

    Is it good candiate for a buy now? or wait for any pullback?
    Anyone own TRAD shares and holding?
  2. I have some since 11.10, bought on the breakout with decent fundamentals. I am holding right now but I have a tigh stop in.
  3. You bought at a good price, i don't see you get stopped out
    easily, as support seems to be at around 11.75 to 12.25
    where the gap day happened

    I don't think it will pullback for another entry, any major
    pullback, means mid-term reversal
  4. I took 3/4 of the position off today.

    Has been a VERY good trade :D
  5. lol, now you can give it back trying to game UBET.
  6. ================
    Net profit margin % is better than LEH or SCHW;
    & total return %[measured 12 months stock price] is better than either also.

    Its like the leadership in oil/gas sector;
    interesting institutional, fundamental reads, /chart reads:cool: