tradestation 200i or tradestation 6

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by gg69, Feb 17, 2003.

  1. gg69



    Can you tell me the difference between the online version and the CD version. What is the most powerfull, the best version ?

  2. Shankar


    TS2000i you can choose your data vendor, no monthly fee but pretty expensive. I never used 2000i or TS6. Last Omega software I used was TS4 so there might be people who know better.
  3. 2000i is not sold in the US, it has a history of being buggy (but that might have changed) but has a lot more functionality than TS6. TS7 which is due out next month should have most of 2000i's funcitonality--so I'd go with that.

    I'm currently using TS6 and like it but am looking forward to the TS7 release.
  4. I've used both...TS6 is better than 2000i, but the features coming out in TS7 look better than any previous version (especially now that optionstation is included).