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    I am looking for a used copy of Tradestation 2000i. Does anyone have one or know where I might try?
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    Try Ebay thats where i got mine.

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    How much could I expect to pay?? more or less
  4. Sterling,

    Is this the predecessor of Tradestation 6 ? With a copy of the ts2000i program, what data providers is it compatible with ?

  5. Could someone explain the evolution of SuperCharts and Tradestation. I understand that they were both at one time independent software packages that you paid a one time software fee and paid independently for the data source. Is it true that now you can only get Tradestation through Tradestation Securities if you open an account or pay them a hefty monthly license fee? If so, what is the latest version of Tradestation that will work independently from Tradestation Securitues? What happened to SuperCharts?

    If this has bbeen discussed in the past, please just post the elitetrader url.

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    It is my understanding that selling TS2000i is illegal. From what I have read on the TS mailing list you will have a hard time finding it on auction sites. Your best bet in finding a copy may be advertising on the TS mailing list or another TS2000i forum.

    Good luck!
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    Mike, you are correct in that SuperCharts and Tradestation were independent software packages that required an independent data feed. I am not sure of the evolution of the software, but the latest version of Tradestation that works independently from Tradestation Securities is Tradestation 2000. I know that SuperChats came in a real time version and an end-of-day version. I still have the end of day version that I purchased several years ago.

    Take a look at the tradestation site You can subscribe to TS6 at $200.00 a month plus exchange fees if you don't have a securities or futures account with them.
  8. Hi All

    I bought my tradestation 2000i a couple of years ago brand new on ebay for close to 900 bucks. A few months ago i saw 2 or 3 used advertised going for around 700. The problem with buying used Tradestion software is that the company will not give you any support. Supercharts was a junior model of Tradestation with no extensive backtesting features of its big brother.

    There is no reason really to buy this software any longer. The Tradestation company has incorporated this software into their brokerage service. If you open account with 30,000 dollars they provide the software for 99 bucks a month. If you open an account with less u can use the software for 200 a month.

    By the way, Tradestion Brokerage lowered their rates dramatically in the last few weeks. They now charge only 1.2 cents a share for 1500 shares and just 3/4 cents for over 1500.
    Terrific Deal


    This software is still available for sale in the U.K and Australia.
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    "There is no reason really to buy this software any longer. "

    Actually, there is still at least one reason that I can think of to buy the software: Ability to use third party data/datafeeds. TS 2000i, like prior versions, does allow you to use data from a variety of sources/formats, or even, if you're so inclined, to use synthetic data. For people interested in doing certain kinds of backtesting and research, this capacity is critical. TS6 works only with the TS datafeed. Similarly, if you're already using, and happy with, one or another trading platform and data vendor (whose data can be employed with 2000i), but you wanted to be able to employ custom indicators or backtest signals, again, you might want to use 2000i.

    With the sole exception of the data limitations, TS6 does remain, however, a superior product in most respects, in my opinion, especially for trading: It's more stable, offers more features, works faster, and doesn't rely on that cumbersome "Global Server" for acquiring and maintaining data.
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    "There is no reason really to buy this software any longer. "

    TradeStation 6 doesn't have scanner anymore (workspace assistant) you can apply so-called systems to chart's already in workspaces but cannot scan large database of symbols for specific set up or pattern or custom indicator. To do so other software has to be used

    cheapest data for TradeStation 2000 I DTN =$120
    TC 2000 =$40

    so data feed: TS 6 and TC 2000 equals cost older version data feed and TC 2000

    he is one reason .... at least not to upgrade :p
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