TradeStation 2000i

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  1. TradeStation 2000i for sale. Manuals included and History disk. I'll throw in all the STAD documents and code. Lifetime license, not a copy. All offers considered.
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    Family "Zemlyan".

    Can pay in Highest money. "ir"
  3. That's likely one of the funniest jokes I've heard on ET in quite some time, thanks.
  4. I was wondering if a modern PC will even run TS2ki?
  5. Still available? Does it work with Windows 7x64?

  6. Hard to believe, but it does.

    I installed it onto Win 7 64-bit Pro (won't work on Home versions) for someone who didn't want to rewrite old daily swing code. You have to run it in WOW compatibility mode (XP if I recall correctly), but it actually DOES run.
  7. Thanks for the status on x64.

    I never heard back from the owner, not even sure if the original listing is still for sale.
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    Do you still have the software for sale?