Tradestation 2000i w/Metaserver or Dynastore IQFeed

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    I just completed my 7 day trial with the exact same setup. Opted for Dynastore here, since some searching on Metaserver came up with complaints about difficulties in setting it up. The feed and Dynastore has been rock solid, for the week anyway :) It was much easier to set up than I had anticipated. The Dynastore instructions make it seem harder than it is, almost as if they haven't updated their info from an older version.

    Wasn't aware of the network capabilities of Metaserver. I'll have to look into that, thanks for mentioning it! I'm still on the 2 week trial of Dynastore. I remember seeing that there is a trial version of Metaserver as well, so perhaps first hand comparison is possible.

  2. nitro


    I use this exact setup, TS2K and Dynastore with IQFeed.

    My biggest problems have been:

    1) When IQfeed disconets me for whatever reason, Dynastore seems to get really confused (it might be the Global Server...) The only solution is to reboot. However, this seems to be not happening at alll now.

    2) The Global Server has a LOT of bugs. I strongly recommend that you reboot your computer at the end of the day.

    3) Even though IQFeed supports being able to backfill, GS does not, so that part of it is "wasted".

    As far as IQFeed is concerned, I have noticed a lag between my Interactive Brokers ES NQ quotes and IQFeeds, but everything I have ever seen lags IB in this respect. It does not hurt me much as I use IB TWS quotes for the actual entry. Otherwise, AFAIK, IQFeed is ROCK SOLID. I hope they don't oversubscribe the service like QCharts seem to always do.

  3. Metaserver also has a version that feeds off the quotes from IB TWS. I tried it yesterday using the IB Demo and it was so bad I would say it didn't work at all.

    It may have been the data from the IB demo. The data is probably delayed more than just 15 minutes and the tick volume is probably much lower.

    I'm funding my IB account today so I will be able to test this setup again next week using a live TWS.
  4. nitro


    The ES/NQ quotes from IB are as fast as I have ever seen if you are not on the MERC LAN.

    The only thing I have noticed with IB is the QQQ quotes seem to ALWAYS be locked or crossed if you are using the SMART route, so use AMEX etc routes as well for QQQs.

  5. Have any of you used the Dynaloader History Feature to download to OMZ file for import into GS?

    I tried it on an older computer running W98 and it crashed everytime.
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  7. Does anyone knows if DTNiq feed with dynastore for
    for Radar station2000i or is it for tradestation2000i

    I want to use radar station on Internet (i don't have
    cable or satelite service), in this case what feed is the
    best for Radar station2000i?
  8. MarkB


    Doesn't RadarStation feed off of the Globalserver too? Dynastore supplies the quote info to Globalserver, not directly to Tradestation, so any application working from the Globalserver should be fine.
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    I have found that RadarScreen in 2000i is buggy as heck. I have used it with several feeds, all the same disaster.

    Hard to say what the best feed is unless you give more information as to the Universe you are trying to scan.

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