Tradestation 2000i questions

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    What is a reasonable amount of $ to pay for a legit version?

    Any particular versions better/worse?

    Anyone know if 2000i works with IB datafeed?

    Thanks in advance. I know this is a boring thread...any help appreciated
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    thanks bounty --
  3. A legit version will cost you about 2400$.
    Anyone owning a legal version cannot sell it, if he sells it will become an illegal copy. Anyone who tries to sell on Ebay gets Omega's lawyers at his door.
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    Wrong. TradeStation lawyers aren't going to show up on your door.

    TS doesn't like them sold on ebay because most are not legit. But selling your legit copy is legal under US copyright laws.

    I sold my version on ebay about 18 months ago. A fair value is about $800 USD.

    Be sure its not a counterfeit. Be sure it includes physical manuals and not PDF versions.

    Its getting harder and harder to find legit versions since most have already been sold. Most 2000i's were sold as everyone switched to TS 7/8. Now that phase is over.


    (a) Omega Research grants to you a nonexclusive license to use one copy of the software program (the "Software") and all market and other financial data included with the Software or which you have subscribed for (the "Data") on a single computer terminal. You may also use the Software and Data on a network provided that each individual accessing the Software or Data through the network has separate Software and Data licensed to, or subscribed for by, that individual. Notwithstanding the first sentence of this paragraph 1(a), you may use the Software, and any historical Data included with it, in one additional computer, provided that solely you are the person to use it on each of such two computers, and provided further that no application of the Software is used on both of such computers at the same time. This right is granted to you to provide the flexibility to, for example, use a Software application at your home computer and then later in the day at your office computer, or vice versa, or on your home computer and then on your laptop, etc. This additional right DOES NOT apply to any use by you of Data obtained by you from Omega Research on a subscription basis (e.g., HISTORYBANK.COM Daily Update Service), in which case a separate subscription must be purchased for each computer through which you receive such Data. If you have licensed the Software and/or the Data on a monthly or other periodic basis, under a subscription, lease or similar arrangement, your right to use the Software and Data terminates at the expiration of your subscription or lease term, and may be terminated by Omega Research immediately if you fail to make any required payment or violate any of your other agreements with Omega Research set forth in this Agreement or set forth elsewhere. This Agreement and the license granted may not be transferred, assigned, leased, rented, sublicensed or otherwise transferred by you. In no event shall the Software or the Data be used by you for, or in connection with, any unlawful purpose.

    { ** © 1987, 1999 Omega Research, Inc. **}

    You are wrong. I know of people that have been threathened with a lawsuit for selling on Ebay. Even Ebay has been warned.

    It is not because they don't catch you for murdering your mother in law, that it is legal to do so.

    The licence is given to the buyer and cannot be transfered.
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    EULA's are not easy to uphold in a court of law. Ever read the EULA's attached with most malware? LOL...

    Right now, on ebay are 2 copies of 2000i. One is legit, the other is not. TS doesn't care. Ebay's VERO program is a joke.

    TS was also going to support 2000i, they never did. It died with SP5. They left their clients holding the bag.

    2000i is an 8 year old buggy program. Glad I got rid of my version when I did :)
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    TS2k is buggy but you can work around nearly all of it. I found that it does not always do division correctly, it will change the price of an issue under 10cents to 100 times as much, it crashes if you are not careful about sorting and altering things while RadarScreen is running, and it is a royal pain in the ass to keep track of all the little rules about loading extra bars, formatting indicators, etc when you are writing indicators.

    True that original owner not allowed to sell it but they did/do. If it shows up on ebay just email the seller before they remove the ad. The third party tools available are generally higher quality programming than what went into Tradestation 2000. If you download a cracked version you will get spyware, etc. probably. Make sure you get the "good forever password" version with Service Pack 5. You should be able to get an original one for a few hundred bucks if you shop around.
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    tomhaden & bobcows,

    What is your experience w/ TS2000i as a charting software (not for writing formulas or backtesting)?

    Specifically, do you know of any charting packages that are better (more flexible) and work with any reliable datafeeds?

    I've not used TS, but from demos I've seen it is more flexible than MetaStock (and the expen$ive Reuters 3000xtra that is built around it) or Bloomberg's charting.
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