TradeStation 2000i Headache

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by ChrisM, Dec 1, 2002.

  1. ChrisM


    Except the time I was doing payments, there was always something going wrong with TS support. Busy lines, another Web Site, another crap, another day, another advertisement.
    I just registered myself few weeks ago for new website tech support (forums now) thinking that at least for some short time I would have problem off my head. No way. Here is another Web Site, and my user does not work any more.
    Frankly, I have no more patience to this. Do others experience the same or this is only me having so much bad luck with them ?
    Maybe some other action would be necessary with this company ?
  2. maxpi


    Tradestation Securities, formerly known as Omega Research has bad customer service reputation. They never finished the service pack 6 for TS2000 which they promised, instead they became a broker and brought out a new software. Search the archives of the omega-list at, you might find some answers there, also there is a forum at I think.

  3. Shankar


    Chris, I think you are just unlucky. I never had much problem with there support but keep in mind, I never used them after they became more of a broker and they moved away from the software business.
  4. chaka68


    Thank you for the feedback about our support. I am sorry for the experience you have had. I hope you will give us an opportunity to work with you to resolve your problem. At TradeStation, we strive to resolve every Clients issue through knowledgeable support technicians, who are dedicated to providing excellent support to our Clients. With the introduction of Service Excellence, a program to instill a Customer friendly service philosophy, we have made many changes to improve our service to Clients.

    For TradeStation 6 users, our average speed of answer for support is just over 60 seconds. TradeStation 6 is the platform we recommend to all of our Clients as it provides the latest innovations and best support options for TradeStation users.

    In addition, we are pleased to announce our new support Web site, Based on customer feedback, and our commitment to excellence, was designed to maximize TradeStation 6’s level of support through User Forums, Articles, and an EasyLanguage Library. In addition, TradeStation 2000i users can learn and share experiences in the TradeStation 2000i Questions board. Only registered TradeStation product owners and subscribers are allowed to post messages. To register and create your screen name, please visit

    I hope you will take advantage of these options provided for you, so we can help you resolve the issues you are having. Please contact us for additional help or support.

    Thank you,

    Stephen Pepe, Jr.
    Director of Client Support
  5. Do you have bringing integrated futures trading (or a nice client like JTrader or IB TWS) in plans for TS6?
  6. maxpi


    One user says support is a headache, one person at TS says support is excellent.

  7. Support used to aweful but with the new forum it is much more helpful.

    Good trading.
  8. maxpi


    Brokerages are a lot more profitable than trading software vendors. Hopefully TS is putting some of those profits back into support and software development as well.

    I still have my Tradestation 2000i, love it, have never found anything I could not do with it backtesting wise. If TS is going to provide good support and continue to develop the software I probably will use their brokerage eventually, I'm not trading yet, still researching. Personally I don't believe anybody else's claims that they have the "next tradestation" or anything very close to it.

  9. ChrisM


    1. Maxpi: right, however - the user can prove what was just said.
    2. Chaka: first of all, I appreciate you have answered; however the fact is the fact - service is maybe excellent for TS 6, but as TS2000i user should I feel like "don’t bother us any more”? I currently work in Europe starting new fund. Just few weeks ago I had send email msg with technical question (when I was buying TS You guys encouraged customers to use that form, right?) and got nothing (few times) except suggestion to register on new WEB forum. I tried to register online, giving same info and address on which I received all mailing from You (CD data, software update etc.) "Unable to locate the record" So, over the phone only! You guys must understand that trading biz is very international these days and I cannot sit all the time close to Florida to get proper tech support. So I had to call, (listening to the elevator music being on hold cost some money when calling from outside US). Finally I got someone but before we completed registration, I got cut off. So calling again, same story, music, personal data etc. Finally I made it! It worked pretty well.
    So yesterday I tried to use the service. I got on the WEB. New design, fine, looks good. I can’t log on. User and password are OK, so ???? Again (last time all personal info was updated) tried to register. Again "unable to locate record" .I understand that now I have to call you people back again, listening to the el music, registering etc.
    My version still has some bugs (i.e. invalid cell reference message appearing from time to time instead Performance Report), but I can take it, nothing is ideal, understood. But why every once while I must go through new Websites and new registration?
    I upgraded from TS4, so I have Block ID, I have customer number so what is the problem with simple answer through email? What kind of great corporate idea is this????
    I am giving up on this till the time I’ll be back in US. I’ll talk to you soon.
    Just do me favor: do not call this excellence, please.
  10. Nothing but problems!!!! Bad cust support.......What's next shut down the company or short their stock?
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