tradestation 2000i for sale

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  1. stuboy


    tradestation 2000i for sale in original box and good for ever password +

    roy kelly floor traders tools
    roy kelly trendpro
    roy kelly fibonacci confluence
    roy kelly two smooth
    roy kelly advanced moving average
    roy kelly trendicator
    roy kelly floor pivots
    roy kelly pitchfork
    all indicators purchased from roy kelly

    you can see these indicators at

    package goes all together

    cost over 5000$ when purchased

    offers over 1700$
  2. Groin


    I'm going to assume that since you're selling all these indicators, they didn't help you in your trading. I have given them a long look at his website ( and they certainly look good in theory. I'd be curious to know how they worked out for you in practice.
  3. So if someone buys it what facility is there to link to on-line broker since I assume TradeStation Group won't sabction its use with them?

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    stubboy do you still have roy's indicators for sale?

    has anyone used these? i cant get an honest answer
  6. I find it particularly confidence-inspiring, in Feb. 2007, to see under "Supported Brokers":

    • RefcoFX (New)