Tradestation 2000i, eSignal and MB Navigator

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Jayhawk_Trader, Mar 6, 2002.

  1. Hello all,

    This is my first time posting on this list after many months of lurking/ learning. I am currently considering opening up an account at MB Trading, using their Navigator software. If I do this I would most likely use eSignal for my data feed. I have a copy of Tradestation 2000i that I would also like to run for charting.

    Does anyone else use a setup like this or have any optional suggestions? I would like to know what kind of resource issues this may cause (if any). Tradestation seems to be a considerable hog on my system. It runs fine but I am a bit concerned about adding live data feeds and order entry software into the mix. I am running Win 2k (SP2) on an AMD 1800 with 512 Meg of RAM.

    Thank you in advance for your comments!

  2. jeffm


    I run TS2k, esignal (data and charting) and a ton of other appplications at the same time on my P3 800, 512, Win2k. Rock solid. I dont see why MB Navigator should create a problem for you.

    TS itself isn't a hog, but certain parts of it can be. First, turn off "update every tick" for indicators that you dont need to see on the current bar. For complex indicators, this can save alot of cpu time. Also check your radarscreen, if you run it. I am unsure of the cause, but sometimes radarscreen can consume big chunks of cpu. With all my apps running, TS open with 5 workspaces and about 25 charts, my cpu usage averages under 25%.
  3. Jeffm,

    Thank you for responding so quickly and putting my fears to rest. I also appreciate your advice on performance.

    Good Trading!