Tradestation 2000i Displaying Day Session Only

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    I have data loaded into Tradestation 2000i that is displaying 24-hour trading data. I have it configured in GlobalServer to only display during the day session, but the chart is still showing the night session as well.

    Is there a way to suppress the night sessions? Also, will the strategy tester only test on the day session data after I suppress the night session? (this is what I want)

  2. These settings are for stocks, only collecting data between 9:30 and 16:00
  3. yes.. the method for data setup is via globalserver.
    i would suspect you didn't set up properly there. or..the chart you plotted is not the same symbol you set the RTH's on.

    once this is corrected..the strats will test only this data.

    *dang, spike's fast

  4. These settings are for futures. Collecting data 24 hours a day and ending each day at 15:15.
    If you only need the data from RTH you delete for each day 15:30 till 8:28.
  5. I daytrade the ES, so i have to be fast to survive.
  6. the little 2 minute break you put in(24hr futures).. it's not required i don't think. is it to calculate pivots correctly?
  7. That's a BIG secret! :D

    No, just the standard settings from TS for futures. I never wondered why they set it up like that. Not important for my trading and not necesarry i think.
  8. ok thanks,

    i've seen whats his name at esignal setup the same. i betcha it would cure a pivot code problem, but i don't know that. i may try it.
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    Thanks guys. I did have the session still in GlobalServer, but the reset button wasn't checked, so I assumed they were being suppressed. As soon as I deleted them out of GlobalServer that resolved the issue.
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    Spike and I have pm'ed about the two minutes before. Since our exchange, I have decided that it is only important if you are charting 24-hr and then probably only when you are doing tick charts, not minute charts.

    In any event, from my investigation, I do not believe the trades from 8:28:00 through 8:29:59 are charted because of that two-minute gap in the session descriptions. It is easy enough to verify if it is important to you.

    I doubt it has anything to do with pivot calculations.

    Oh, and I happened to be looking at the NQ (fewer ticks) during my investigation, but I am sure the same is true for the ES.

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