Tradestation 2000i Data Feed?

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  1. Anyone know how to get a data feed working on 2000i? I am currently trying to use HSQuote in conjunction with GlobalServer but am having some troubles with it. I have looked through a lot of help menus and FAQS but to no avail. Anyone have any ideas, advice, or other possibilities?
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    search the archives at I just set one up with DTNIQ and free software from Hypertrader. it was a bit of a headache recently because things changed at the first of the year with the Hypertrader stuff and reinstalls had to be done but it all worked. A few years ago I used Esignal and data with Global Server, not difficult. Who is that data vendor you are using again? Did you mean the Hquotes free download stuff or is that a data vendor?
  3. For someone new to ts2000i, the easiest real-time feed is esignal. That's the 'native' ts2000i feed and it doesn't need any other software in between.
  4. Considering your questions isn't so specific and w/out details, I think your problem is lack of knowing trading terms and technical issues, TS2000i is not easy charting application to jump start with like esignal, ensign or any others

    Take time to read stuff and play around with it more
  5. What is HSQuote?
    I've never heard of it. Doesn't sound like any data feed designed for globalserver. Are you talking about daily data or intraday?

  6. Yes, good question, what is HSQUOTE?
    I am always looking for different feeds.
  7. It's a stock quote downloader.
    Amazing how easy it can be found on the net with Google.
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    Ok, it's a data downloader from Yahoo and there is not a lot of explanation on the website unless hype passes for explanation. It would be good if it imported historical quotes directly into Global Server. It may be that you have to download them as ASCII and import them to the Global Server or the charts. The charts in TS2k will import data directly but the Radarscreen can only work from the Global Server. It is all about what you are trying to accomplish with it all really.
  9. jmiles301,

    Are you aware that ts2000i can probably read the date *without* it being imported into the global server just by using the omega charting program? It can easily read data in ascii, .csv, excel and many other formats.
    The global server is mainly used when you're collecting data on a real-time basis and need to store it as opposed to having it already stored in some particular format.

    Either way, it's very easy to chart and backtest with.
  10. Only been using this for a few days. Not much experience with data feeds as I have only used Power ETrade Pro for a few years, and it is free to me. My current system is on paper, but I am trying to learn more about TS so I can write it with EL.

    You can check out HSQuote here:
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