TradeStation 2000i *cheap* ?

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    Any tips of best place to pickup TradeStation 2000i for cheap?

    I want it to help convert some trading systems into AmiBroker so I don't really want to pay too much for it, because once I'm done I won't use it again.

    I tried EBay for a few weeks but nothing cheap enough.

    Any ideas?
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    If you can get your conversion done quickly, you might consider Multicharts instead. They have a 30 day free demo. Their programming language seemed pretty much identical when I last looked.
  3. Any torrent site.

    Demonoid. ThePirateBay.... etc.
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    riddle - thanks good idea!

    kev - thanks, but if you've done that yourself you probably want to check for rootkits and malware on your PC now :)
  5. How does getting ts2000i will help you convert ideas into Amibroker? Something I am missing here?
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    It helps because the original system is written in TS 2000i.

    Let's say I take 500 lines of code from this TS 2000i system and code what I *think* is the equivalent AmiBroker code in 500 lines.

    Then if the buy/sell/short/cover signals don't match up it is very hard to work out which exact line out of the 500 is wrong.

    So with possession of TS 2000i I can use the debugger to look inside variables to see what values they have on a bar-by-bar basis.

    This enables me to determine which variables aren't matching up and where the mismatch first occurred, which then enables me to narrow down the exact line of code which is failing to be converted correctly.

    When all the signals match point for point, bar-for-bar then I know it is converted properly.

    Any slight mismatch between the systems means I am not trading the system which was tested so thoroughly, so it is crucial I make them match exactly.

  7. youd be better off rewriting the system from scratch based on its principles
  8. Watch out!. TS2000i may be one of the two faulty backtesters exposed in this study. If this is the case, it is strange how this company got away with it as these faults could have caused many traders to be analyzing faulty results. Better off using something else, it worths the effort. Try Amibroker, it is a good product.
  9. Maybe? Maybe is a very uncertain word. Maybe Amibroker is the flawed program? Maybe NinjaTrader? Maybe MetaStock? How can you say to avoid one program and make another recommendation without knowing what programs were tested?

    I do a great amount of back-testing for both myself and others and although TradeStation 2000i does have its issues, I have never had a problem with results being incorrect. With a user base as large as Tradestation, a flaw in results would have been noticed over the decade since its release.
  10. prosserd


    Thanks for the concern.

    I am converting from TradeStation script into AmiBroker AFL script - so once the conversion is done and matching the TS2000i signals then I'll be strictly on AmiBroker - so bugs will only be an issue during conversion matching process.

    I should be able to spot any TS2000i bugs easily enough because AmiBroker should disagree with TS2000i signals at some point in the price data and my investigation will reveal which software is at fault.

    I'm a computer programmer by trade and I'm pretty familiar with the conversions process, just needed a verification tool (MultiCharts is working sweet but I've had a few offers in private I am considering).

    I am already a hard core AmiBroker user but I know lots of TradeStation users who are better traders than me who use TS2000i exclusively and trade mechanical systems successfully without any major complaints about bugs.

    I'm pretty sure there are some small issues with it, but those guys know the workarounds. There are quirks in most software :)
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