Tradestation 2000i and Windows7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by flyingdutchmen, Oct 25, 2009.

  1. well probably no one here has tried this combination yet, i know i wouldnt if it was up and running without failures, but i still like to ask what you people think. i will install the old 2000i version next week and will have to pick a windows version for the new computer that i still have to buy. i do not want to make this tread a debate about the software but rather what windows do i need ?
    i know XP is recommendet for this old software but i have also hear story's about some having it running failure-free on VISTA.
    i guess my choices are XP or 7 and ofcourse if prefere Windos7 but if it cant make Tradestation run it is out of the question. i guess 7 would be alot faster "IF" it would be a good marriage.

    anyone ?
  2. You're an outlier with that software.. it was written for Win98... if you dedicate one machine to trading you could just leave it with XP, it works fine.. and get a Win7 machine for other things..
  3. Yes i am aware of that, the reason for the question is that sofar i have found just as many people having this old software running on vista as on xp and both are saticfied and do not experience any errors. so i am just wondering if it can be done with vista if i could take the chance and still go for windows7 but i do agree that this old piece of software is based on the same old 2000 or xp.
    thank you for your reply
  4. I was just saying that you have an avenue no matter what. Probably you can load it up and run it on Win7, it's just Vista revamped from what I heard..