TradeStation 2000i and Windows 7

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by SuperCruz, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I want to translate old code from TradeStation in TradersStudio, but want to know if anyone can get TS running on Windows 7? Thanks! :)
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    TradeStation 8.8, runs fine on WIN7, not sure about TradeStation2000i, not exactly the same thing, and 10 years old.
  3. I doubt it. Good luck.
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    Not even via VMWare or VMplayer?

  5. Try it, that is the best way. What works for one computer may not work in another.
  6. Thanks for the replies. :) If it is not sure whether TS2000i can run on Windows7, then could someone guide me as to how should I translate old code from TradeStation in TradersStudio?
  7. Can't you just extract the .ela files into traderstudio? Can you sign up for ts8 and it will convert to ts8 and translate to traderstudio from there? I've never worked with traderstudio sorry.

    Have you checked the Omega List?
  8. i am not using using it anymore but i still have 2000i on my vista and someone who i know has it running on windows7 so it should be possible
  9. Thanks for the reply, EliteThink. :) However, TradersStudio can not read .ELA files as it needs to have access to the code in the text format. Regarding the TradeStation 8.X version, in terms of translating that shall work, but the migration tool needs more help for 8.X code than it does for 2000i code.

    Thanks for the information, flyingdutchmen. :)
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    Multicharts maybe able to open the .ela files.
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