Tradestation 2000i and Global Server

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    I have a live DDE link off MetaTrader collecting price tick data to a symbol in Global Server. This way I can use Easy Language to make and chart signals live. Very nice!

    I want to import back data to that live symbol in the usual way from an .xpo file (Global Server Format).

    Global Server accepts the data to the live symbol and shows it has inputted correctly being recorded in the Edit Data dialogue, but only the live data will display on the symbol's chart, not the imported.

    The same back data will chart as expected when it is not one whose symbol collects live data.

    The live data collection makes it possible to build a chart over time if left running continuously , but seems impossible to fill chart gaps or chart back data by importing Global Server Format data into it.

    Is Global Server not able to allow a live chart to display imported data as well as its live data ?

    Anyone have experience to help with this?
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    Got it.
    Just in case anyone else ever comes across this, though from the lack of replies, it won't be many if any :D it may be of some help to another poor soul who's struggling with this ....

    The problem was the different settings available in TradeStation2000i for the Data Source - matters! (BMI, Signal... etc.)

    Where the Exported Data is being generated under its Data Source setting, but the receiving Symbol is under a different Data Source Setting, the Symbol appears updated - but Global Server makes its own new Symbol entry to handle it. Very confusing if you don't notice what happened in the Symbol List, especially as the original Symbol appears to have all the data.

    It must be known what Data Source Setting the exported Data was created under.
    The Data Source Setting in Global Server for the receiving Symbol must match the same one the Exported Data was created under. (BMI to BMI or Signal to Signal etc....) GlobalServer\Tools\Setup Wizard.
    Also The Source Exchange settings need to match too . Now imported .xpo files should populate a live chart. GlobalServer\Edit\Edit Symbol