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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by SitrusTrader, Dec 8, 2005.

  1. After many attempts learning C++ and other languages to build a black box system, I have decided to use TradeStation.

    I have built a few strategies that actually work (woo-hoo) but I hate TradeStation executions (I am spoiled).
    (+ I spoke with a few people who swear that TS was very unscrupulous with thier trading strategies and planning lawsuits)

    I found out about TradeBolt - anyone have any experiences with them? (good / bad)?

    I am still with Genesis for my day-trading (that's how I found out about tradebolt) and I know that they connect with each other

    My questions are

    a) is TradeBolt reliable?
    b) will it steal my strategies?
    c) experiences


    Happy holidays!
  2. My biggest issue with tradebolt when I tried them was duplicating orders when the TradeStation charts refreshed. I have been using eFloorTrader, which has been great for me and my strategies. Their software has a lot more flexibility than tradebolt did when I tried it out.

  3. So eFloorTrader takes the Buy and Sell signals from TradeStation and sends them to .....?