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    Anyone use TradeStalker (Mike Reed) ES daytrade advisory service? He is supposedly a former baseball player paralysed and devoted to support/resistance trading approach, succcessfully, 20plus years. I briefly used service a few months ago with mixed success but was mixing techniques--not a fair test at the time. Now that I travel a lot and trade off and on, I'm trying to enhance my daytrading techniques and back away from longer term trading.:cool:
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    I am very familiar with Mike's work. If you like PM me and I'll try and answer any questions.
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    Can anyone comment on this service?

    Anyone use it currently?
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    Anyone use this service? I signed up for the free delayed quotes and the numbers look good. But Tradestalker ain't cheap!
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    Does anyone actually use his service real time?
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  7. He is a good guy, a friend of mine uses him
  8. I was introduced to Mike and his work by a friend of mine. I count having found Mike's book and his service one of three or four important "turning points" in my develpment as a trader.

    I subscribed to him in the past and his work is very, very good. His support and resistance numbers are often uncanny in accuracy. I would still use him but I studied his numbers while I was a subscriber, and once I started to understand his method, I found I could come up with a fairly close approximation. I also receive his delayed service, and while I am fairly good at getting his S/R numbers, he is far better lol.

    I may have to re-sign up for a refresher.

    In my opinion, Mike Reed is one of the few folks out there selling stuff to folks who want to trade who provides real educational and tradable value.

    Best Wishes,

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    Mike is starting a trade room on Hotcomm starting this coming Monday, the 12th of January. It will only be for 3-4 weeks to see if it is something that he wants to continue to do. First 200 get in. You have to sign up by this Sunday, the 11th.
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