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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Mike220, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. Mike220


    Is it possible to configure the start-bar time in radarscreen to factor-in premarket and
    post market trading activity? For example, at the opening of the trading day many symbols gap-up or gap-down. These gaps create distortions in many of the indicators
    that I use in radarscreen(paintbars such as stochastic slowk, MACD etc.) I configure my
    Chart settings to include premarket and post market data. But since Radarscreen does not
    Fator-in pre or post market data I tend to find many strong trending symbols only after a
    significant move has been made.
  2. sun170


    Right click on on the symbol part of the screen and choose the format all symbol option. In the next menu choose view/customize under the session option. Choose the use custom setting option and then just choose the pre market option from the drop down. I never used this before, but I happened to be exploring the radar screen and noticed this option and remembered reading your question earlier. Hope this helps you. let me know if it works out.
  3. Mike220


    Many thanks sun170 for your input. This was so embarrassingly
    simple that I feel like a dumbass.. Mike