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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by exce26, May 25, 2001.

  1. exce26


    How was your experience with Tradestation Pro?
    Does anyone make profit using Tradestation pro?
    Please, comment on your experience, strategy with any trade software
  2. PKJR


    I found the data feed to be not reliable. It lags behind the market sometimes 5 sec or more (an my connection is very high quality over 2G of bandwidht). It also sometimes freezes and then tries to make up for lost time. If you trade based on higher time frame 10 min or above you can perhaps be fine with it. I have still have it (since I don't have to pay for it :), but I use it only for testing certain ideas but not for live trading. One day they should be fine. However, they are not ready for prime time.

    If you like TradeStation - get ProSuite with eSignal (but this product willl be phased out in couple of years in favor of internet version)
  3. Viper


    FYI...Their data delivery is much improved with their new release.
  4. Hoyler



    My experience with Tradestation Pro has been fairly pleasant. I have used Omega products for years, the interface is familiar to me.
    Most users complain of lagging quotes, I cant say it never happened to me, but on balance it is very quick and stable. From another's post I've learned that the 2 week trial data seems to come off another server (I have not verified this through Omega) and appears to be the source for the poorer quality data. Since the latest upgrade it has been superlative, faster than CYBERTRADER. I am trading NASDAQ high flyers with entries and exits based off of tick charts - The data is timely or I could not do this successfully.

    The reasons you may wish to use Tradestation are:

    *** Visually stunning chart's -- they are they undisputed leader here.
    *** ELA programming -- an industry standard, virtually any idea can be coded.
    *** Cost
    *** System Research & Backtesting
    *** Integrated brokerage, Bear Sterns, (in the interest of disclosure, I execute through CYBERTRADER)
    The aforementioned represents my opinions and experience.
    I hope this helps.
  5. They've got a long way to go with their futures execution. Lind Waldock with some basic order entry screen isn't going cut it for daytraders.