tradesstation without the brokerage accnt?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by pomegranate, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. can i get that at all?

  2. yup, it's $199 a month without an account and $99 a month with minimum account of $5k and the first month is free.
  3. you can get it for $99 if you open an account for $5000. thats what i just did so i can look at the software. it would be hard to get me to give up ib for my actual trading.
  4. Ebo


    It will cost you $199 amonth without an account.
    Open a small account and at least save $100 a month.

    I look at it this way, you save $1200 by having a $5K account.
  5. Thats 24% return per year on $5,000. Almost Buffettesque.
  6. wrong, If you don't open account with TS, you have to pay:
    Tradestation $199.99+ Radarscreen $59.99+ optionStation $59.99= $320/month

    If you need to use them all, you can save $220/month or
    $2640/year by opening account

    Using TS.8.1 for trading without Radarscreen isn't beneficial
  7. thank you, you guys are fast and heldful. i'm only interested in tradestation to backtest some of my ideas. i have an accnt at ib and am happy w/ them right now. always backtest manually though but now i have more ideas than time to look thru all that numbers... the bad spot: i know jack about programming and so ts seems most friendly.. ;)

    another question: how about data cost? historical date is free? daily data can i use ib's?

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    Open an account and see for your self, it's FREE for 30 days less exchange fees.
  9. i found my answer on the ts page. tnx :)