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    I've been a member of Tradesports for a few years, and have made healthy returns on a small account. When I joined in 2005, they opperated one of the most effecient, tradeable markets I'd ever seen. Since then it has gone down the tubes. Their fee structure was as such: liquidity providers were charged nothing, liquidity takers were charged .04 per contract. It was pure and simple, and had only a few weaknesses. Currently they charge 4% on all net proffits, and do not reward lliquidity providers, only full blown market makers.

    IF there is another P2P sports trading site out there, I will consider switching. I think 4% is pretty ridiculous. Anyone know of a better option?
  2. I've used, but I wasn't very impressed with the liquidity there. May have changed since I closed my account about a year ago.
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    hmmm, I just checked them out. when I clicked on trading it says "Welcome to Trading

    More information coming soon...

    That's not a good sign. Sadly I think TradeSports might be the only option out there. Well it's better than nothing.
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    Sadly I'm still an active trader with All would be merry if they would offer liquidity rebates.

    If there are any other fellow Tradesports users, here are my lists of complaints.

    1. No liquidity rebates
    2. No forum to interact with fellow traders, no chat.
    3. The original platform with Java was the best platform. The bids/asks on the new web based platform do not refresh quickly enough. Other than that I am thrilled to have a P2P method of betting on sporting events. If ANYONE knows a great alternative to Tradesports that is available to US residents, I'm all ears.
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    I just found another betting exchange that is p2p, It looks pretty good, but not nearly as cool as Anyone have any experience with Matchbook?