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    Although i have never used the site, you can essentially trade future contracts on the FOMC rate decision for tommorow. A cut of -25 is offered at only 4 dollars. It seems to me thats a chance worth taking. I mean hell, if they did cut a quarter point, you multiply your money by 25 times.

    Just as a disclaimer. I have no position nor even have an account at this website. I don't know anyone who does either.
  2. "Economic news was light on Monday, but this will change as the week progresses. In fact, the FOMC meets Tuesday, but no one expects a rate change. Nonetheless, what the Fed has to say about the state of the economy could have an impact on trading. Nearly two months ago, the Fed said things about the economy that took a major toll on the bond market, so traders were a bit cautious Monday ahead of this meeting."
  3. Tradesports is an excellent site. That bet does seem like a good do. I think there is more than a 1 in 25 chance.
  4. I watch the index higher/lower contracts on saturdays when i'm holding large positions just to get a sense of where the gap will be on monday.

    what's an "e-tiny" lol?
  5. Actually, contracts settle at $10. So if it's being offered at 4, you could double your money and then some. If it's being offered at .40, then you could make 25 x your money.

    Hope this helps.
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    I just think there is some misunderstanding here. The price is offered at 4 and will settle either at 0 or 100. So in fact, it is 25x your money which i think is worth paying for those type of odds.

    Each tick is .10 so if you "win" a contract, you get 10 dollars. So technically speaking its 40 cents.