Tradesports 2008 election futures- Free Money!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Rearden Metal, Nov 12, 2006.

  1. Tradesports has the odds of Hillary winning the 2008 presidential election at around 30% (If betting <b>against</b> her chances, you risk $70 to win $30). That's free money. Hillary will never <b>ever</b> be elected president of this country.

    People typically vote for the candidate they'd rather have a beer with. Who the fuck would ever get the urge to go out drinking with creepy Hillary?

    I'm already short this contract, but I'm keeping my size low here. This is due to possible complications arising from the nanny-state's Jihad against online betting, combined with the 'pain in the ass factor' of transferring funds to tradesports.
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    Hmm, I'm not so sure. What if Hilary goes on a withdrawal from Iraq ticket, and her main rivals drop by the wayside? The contract could be standing at 70% with 3 months left to election, with her looking odds on favourite even to the likes of you and I.

    What % of capital would you risk on this, anyway? Risking 3% to make 1% in 18 month's time - surely there must be better prospects out there?

    By the way, if you do at any point want to make a proper size wager on this, I'd be happy to assist making the bet outside US territory.
  4. That is some easy money.
  5. I don't see it as a great do. She's stronger today than at any time in her political life. America is crying out for a famed, centrist moderate. Lieberman's victory is a positive litmus test for Hillary. Even Arnold's easy win bodes well for Hilleryites.The Gore/Dean wing of the Dem's is as out of favor as is the Bush wing in the GOP.

    Totaled, Hillary, Rudi and Mc Cain should be 70 bid.

    I've said this all along. Liberals don't care about Iraq. They hate the Bush GOP's domestic agenda and they used Iraq successfully as a wedge issue with independents. Bring on the Demo neo-cons!!
  6. i made good money tradin' binaries with the exact same odds, looks like a typical good sell to me.
  7. sell the hilary
    buy the guiliani...

    NY spread...