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    As many of you may know, I've spent some time looking into various programs that offer free financial education. I personally enrolled in 6 or 7 of them and I found a few companies that offer some training that is of no cost. To be honest, most of them just try to sell you on $3000+ training education... no real education content, just sales content.

    By far, my best experience was with TradeSmart University and their 8 free Classes (each 90+ minutes) that cover Stock and Option Trading & technical analysis. They share a great deal of education and insight during the 4 week period and then give you an option if you'd like to learn more, and its way cheaper than any of the other courses out there.

    For the first time, I actually felt like a company cared about helping people learn more about the stock market. Of course, at the end of the program you can buy additional training... but its very reasonably priced if you chose to do so.

    No affiliate link here... no reason for me to share with you other than my personal experience and pleasure.

    "Google" TradeSmart University and i think they will still be offering the free class.
    OR I can post a link upon request

    All the best everyone, enjoy your trading!