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  1. HI All

    Has anybody used Tradescape brokers in the last month? I was wondering if their service has improved lately? Their gonna start making their onsite software called Lightspeed available to internet customers very soon and was thinking about opening account. Does anybody know of a E-DAT broker i could use that would charge 10 dollars or under for doing 200 or less trades per month? With lightspeed executions of course!!??(Wishful Thinking)

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    Maybe your best bet would be to wait till the new lightspeed comes out and use that for your broker. I have an account with tradescape and I recently found out that they are going to release the lightspeed in 3 months. They told me that the release was postponed due to gliches in the program, but they should have it released shortly.

    Tradescape is great with commision cost, but I dislike there whole trading software program. I'm going to keep my account open with them untill they release the lightspeed, and then see how that works.

    As for a cheap broker to use untill then, I personally couldn't recomend something, but alot of people seem to like the Interactive Brokers. I have no experience with them but I'm sure that you wouldn't have any problem searching for information about them.

  3. I have no experience with Tradescape, but with regards to other brokers, I have found Interactive Brokers to be quite good. However, they don't provide any frills like Level II quotes or charting, so you'd need a separate service for that. If you're looking for a full service Realtick broker, I know that JPR Capital charges $10.00 per trade, and I believe that Successtrade and SelfTrading both charge under $10.00.
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    How is your executions with tradescape Now? Are they fast? I read that tradescape is prone to disconnections have u experienced any? I just wanted to use tradescape for executions and use a data provider for charts. Can you size the tradescape panel to small and still run a real time charting program at the same time?

    thanks for the help

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    The orders are very fast using tradescape. I have a island Ecn book open to view when I'm trading at all times and when I direct my order to island it takes less than a half second to show up in the island book.

    About tradescape being down, they sometimes have problems with various Ecn's. They flash messages across my status window quoting " ARCA is down please direct all order to ect...." You get the point. It happens ocasionaly but it hasn't been a problem for me yet.

    I also use tradescape just for order entry. I don't look at there quotes at all execpt for entering an order in. I use a seperate quote provider for level two and charts. A.B Watley has a great deal going on. If you open an account with them they will give you free level two. There software is very simular to real tick, so if you like real ticks level two windows and charting mabe it would be a good idea to throw 10k into an account with them and get the free services instead of paying like 100 bucks a month for data feeds when you could get it for free. Just an idea to ponder.

    About customizing tradescapes software program, I guess you could open up a seperate web browser on a large monitor and have tradescape running on one half of the screen and your quotes on another. Hope you have a big monitor. With tradescape and my real tick shit up I have four monitors and I still need more space.

    Well I guess it depends on your needs.

  6. Can someone tell me about the "shorting lists" for tradescape, ib, datek, or any of the othere not so big daytrading type firms. Have u ever had a hard time finding popular stocks to short?

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    Go to there web site for a short list and if it's not there call them and then they could give it to you over the phone.

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