Tradescape trouble

Discussion in 'Trading' started by DJC, Feb 2, 2001.

  1. DJC



    Anyone else using Tradescape today (2/2)? It continually froze and went down on me all day. Just wondering if it was only me, or if others were having the same problems today?


  2. Klaorman


    This happened to me today, too. I had entered a short and tried to cancel it but I couldn't. Then a few seconds later a message appeared that said Market XT was down, then later Smart Orders were down. Fortunately they answered the broker line on the first ring and they said that my order never went live and that they'll cancel it in a few minutes, which is exactly what happened. These things happen occasionally, but most of the time the connection is great.
  3. lexoo76


    Same thing happened to me today too. I'm waiting for there new light speed software to come out and praying that it will be better than the tradescape pro. If it wasn't for there cheap commisions and some sort of hope for a new trading platform I would be closing my account.