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Discussion in 'Trading' started by limbo, Jan 27, 2002.

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    Can't take cybers commish anymore! Just got email on new pricing from tradescape--$1.50 per 100 shares--------max per trade-$11.95-L2 included--thoughts please-much thanks.
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    Does this max of $11.95 include ECN fees? And what is the max per share limit?
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    $11.95 max plus ecn and exch. fees---Don't know max per share does it read to you Htrader??
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    Thanks Magna I did see that--However cybers review does not look a heck of a lot better. Hoping to hear from people using tradescape at this time-now-----as last review was in August.
  6. Very similar platforms...I think they may have even had some common develepmental ties backa few years ago. I trade on the Direx Pro platform which is very similar to TradeScape. PointDirex Platimum is coming out very soon and has many enhancements (stops, etc). ANyway PD is a penny per share (after their 3/4 penny per share intro special) plus pass thrus so even more competitive than TS.
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    Dat-Thanks very much regarding PD-I had never heard of it before and I will most definitely be looking into it-I signed up for simulator. Can you provide alittle more info on why it works well for you besides price. Does it provide all you need or do you bring in other stuff?
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    Can anybody else shed some light on the point direx platform??Anybody using it--used it in the past??thx. I mean the price is right?
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    Baron it appears I'm not getting credit(or discredit) for my right amount of posts-as witnessed here. 2 posts 176? What gives--LOL. Hmmm?-now all 177?
  10. The main benefit of the PD platform (other than price) is the executions. THey are absolutely the best I have ever had/felt. Similar to Watcher/TradeScape etc., this is primarily due to a combination of software architecture and order entry capabilities. I know every platform has hot keys, but the order entry on PD-whether using keys or mouse-is the fastest I have every experienced and I have tried almost every one else out there. FOr my style of trading this is key.

    It is not an analytics package like Realtick though (in fact I kept my Realtick for that portion) so you will need to get charts etc. from somewhere else. From what I am told, there next generation platform is out this week and has some major enhancements so I will be trading on it real soon. Hope that helps.
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